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AS-Interface (ASi) automation technology is a worldwide standardized bus system for field level applications. It easily, reliably, and economically connects binary sensors and actuators to the higher control level.

Leadership in Automation
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ASi technology is an integral part of modern industry due to its unique installation and maintenance simplicity. Additionally, its high reliability and low cost make the technology interesting for any production company, no matter the size of the task. Any ASi network can be tailored to specific needs using actuators and sensors from several different member companies - currently, more than 300 member companies worldwide are developing solutions with AS-Interface automation technology for every area of production. The ASi automation network is based on a single two-conductor cable. The resulting installation is topology-free, thus extremely versatile. Devices are connected through simple piercing technology, so installation and maintenance are effortless.

With more than 40 million installed field devices, AS-Interface is the leader in automation at the field level. Choice is an integral ingredient of ASi: It offers a wide range of products from a diverse variety of manufacturers. Every year, numerous novel and innovative products are being introduced to the market. The groundbreaking new ASi-5 specification now extends the technology for use in increasingly complex applications, intelligent machines, and plants. ASi is now even more tuned into the digital era as a data shuttle for process and diagnostics data. The technology is based on orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM), a method of digital signal modulation that employs several carriers for digital data transfer. Learn more about this innovative technology at

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