ArchestrA Addresses Mobile and MES Data

Invensys Operations Management’s new Workflow 1.1 includes integration with the company’s IntelaTrac mobile offering and MES Operations and Performance software.

ArchestrA, from Invensys Operations Management, was designed as a means of integrating the disparate pieces of software used to automate and control devices and systems in manufacturing and processing industry facilities through one open architecture software offering. Over the past several years, this architecture has continuously developed to address device integration, historian capabilities, portal/dashboard access, enterprise connectivity and, most recently, workflow capabilities to standardize workflow across production, quality and maintenance operations. 

The newest addition to ArchestrA is Workflow Version 1.1. The new version adds integration to IntelaTrac, the company’s mobile workforce and decision support system, and its Wonderware Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Operations and Performance software. 

With these new capabilities, ArchestrA Workflow allows workers to participate in approved workflows regardless if they are mobile, behind a desk or out operating the plant. Workflow’s new connectivity with plant floor and corporate systems enables the entire workflow process to be modeled, executed, analyzed and improved. Through ArchestrA’s interconnectivity, workflows can now also be linked to a range of plant automation systems so workers can participate in a workflow from wherever they may be in the facility.

Key capabilities of Workflow 1.1 include:
 Enforces best practices and standard operating procedures across the entire enterprise;
 Supports regulatory compliance and audits;
 Streamlines the response to abnormal events and drives approved remedial action;
 Helps computerize operating knowledge and operating procedures;
 Links to mobile systems, manufacturing execution systems and other plant systems.

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