Son-of-Stuxnet: ICS Product Lines Vulnerable

A recent blog post by Eric Byres,, cites that Industrial Controls Systems (ICS) are quite vulnerable to next-generation malware attacks, dubbed "Son-of-Stuxnet" malware.

Aw 427 1010 Securea

Last month, security researcher Dillon Bersford announced many new vulnerabilities in Siemen's S7 line of PLCs (see Wired Article). Byres points to the steady increase of "security advisories" for multiple product lines and believes a wave of next generation attacks could happen soon because Stuxnet was such an extensive blueprint. These possible, next-gen security threats will be able to "borrow" from Stuxnet and will surface much more quickly.

To read the blog post, "Son-of-Stuxnet" - Coming to a SCADA or PLC System Near You (5/31/2011) (Source: Tofino)

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