Functional Safety Designer Training

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UL now offers an in-depth training course on functional safety for hardware and software systems engineers. The course covers what is required to design and develop a functional safety system in a way that provides the developer or manufacturer with the necessary confidence to rely on their functional safety related design work—and, ultimately, to help fulfill the requirements necessary for standards certification of products or systems.

The four- to five-day course, taught by qualified UL experts in the field of functional safety, provides a detailed review of functional safety requirements in accordance with IEC 61508 Second Edition.

“Participants will not only get a thorough explanation of functional safety requirements, but will also benefit from the designer and evaluator experience of the instructors. These are individuals who have developed or evaluated these systems in global markets,” says Thomas Maier, principal engineer, functional safety, at UL.

The course delivers not only the necessary technical and academic details of the functional safety discipline, but also “tricks of the trade”: practical information that is not attainable by reading textbooks.

“Companies who send their employees to this course will benefit throughout their products’ lifecycles,” says Kevin Connelly, business development manager at UL. “As concepts are first conceived, then developed, this training will ensure that in-house staff can answer questions to better understand the feasibility of design and manufacturing in light of growing functional safety requirements. The bottom line is that having this knowledge resident within the company will get a company’s products to market faster!”

UL’s Functional Safety Designer Training is currently offered only on a customized basis when a customer requests it, at the customer’s premises. For a detailed course description and more information on Functional Safety Designer Training, please visit

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