Microsoft ERP Software Combines Discrete, Lean, Process Manufacturing

June 1, 2011
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 includes pre-built capabilities for five industries, and is said to simplify operations while increasing flexibility.

Microsoft has introduced a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for global organizations, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, which provides pre-built capabilities for five industries, including manufacturing.

Although contrary to real-world requirements, many ERP applications force discrete, lean and process manufacturing to be managed in separate systems. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 reportedly removes these limitations by supporting the ability to run all three processes in a single ERP software environment. This is said to simplify operations, and increase flexibility in production planning and execution. The software also provides visibility across a unified resource pool, helping to optimize resource utilization and increase responsiveness to customers’ needs.

“The ability to view and apply various manufacturing processes through a single ERP solution is revolutionary to our business,” contends Hubert Meisterjahn, chief information officer for Dornbracht, a globally active manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom fittings and accessories. “We are confident Microsoft will help us remain on the cutting edge of technology.”

To provide visibility into a manufacturer’s environmental impact, the software includes an update to the Environmental Sustainability Dashboard for Microsoft Dynamics AX. The dashboard is designed to track a company’s energy consumption, carbon footprint and related costs, as well as other supply-chain requirements and government regulations. New dashboard features include additional key performance indicators (KPIs) for waste and water usage, a graphical interface for ease of setup and management, and a what-if analysis feature to help assess the impact of proposed changes.

Helping to increase user adoption across an organization, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 delivers Kanban visualizations for lean manufacturing, and takes advantage of Microsoft technology investments in user experiences. Shop floor machine operators without convenient keyboard access or experience using on-the-job business applications, for example, can benefit from new interactive touch-based capabilities.

The software is expected to be generally available in the third quarter of 2011. Additional information can be found at

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