PMMI Strengthens Relationship with OMAC

March 7, 2011
PMMI (Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute) has announced that it will provide staff support to further the mission of OMAC, the Organization for Machine Automation and Control.
PMMI’s membership and Pack Expo show exhibitors provide processing and packaging solutions that, in conjunction with their customers, can utilize OMAC Packaging Workgroup Guidelines for modern production operations. In addition, PMMI members use metalworking equipment, which can yield reduced-cost benefits when outfitted with OMAC Machine Tool Workgroup interfaces.
PMMI’s support will enable OMAC’s volunteer leadership to expand its membership domestically and internationally, plus engage customer and supplier teams in further developing OMAC standards, including PackML. This support enhances PMMI’s leadership in production operations standards as well as providing additional value for professionals attending Pack Expo events and technical conferences.
Rob Aleksa, OMAC board member and controls manager for Procter & Gamble, and Tom Egan, vice president of industry services for PMMI, both commented on the increased support:
“On behalf of the OMAC Board of Directors,” said Aleksa, “I wish to express our appreciation for PMMI’s longstanding support, which has been essential to OMAC Packaging Workgroup’s concept of ‘win-win-win’— meaning initiatives that benefit packaging machinery users, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and automation technology providers, all of whom are PMMI constituents.”
“We believe that by increasing our role in support of OMAC activities, PMMI is fostering ongoing communication with all constituents in the processing and packaging community,” said Egan. “This is especially important in the fast changing field of integrated solutions. We look forward to our members and our customers contributing to this process.”
This development is yet another sign that the OMAC organization is being revitalized for 2011. After completing its divorce from ISA, the parent OMAC group has developed a new strategic plan. Also, the Packaging Workgroup has a new co-chair, Bryan Griffen from Nestle, to aid existing co-chair Rick Van Dyke of Pepsico-Frito Lay. Griffen (see photo) is a featured speaker at the Packaging Automation Forum April 26 in Chicago, where he will explain why the packaging machines Nestle now favors are those that comply with PackML standards. The Packaging Automation Forum is sponsored by Packaging World and Automation World magazines. Early bird registration for the Packaging Automation Forum, ends March 25.

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