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Foxboro M&I Roadmap--Nine Releases Done, Seven More Projected by March 2011

In Wednesday's Foxboro roadmap session, Brian Dickson, vice president and general manager, Instrumentation, Invensys Operations Management, summarized what he described as "an unprecedented release of nine new offerings since February of this year." He then previewed seven more to come by the end of the Invensys fiscal year in March, 2011.

In Wednesday's Foxboro M&I roadmap session, Brian Dickson, vice president and general manager, Instrumentation, Invensys Operati
In Wednesday's Foxboro M&I roadmap session, Brian Dickson, vice president and general manager, Instrumentation, Invensys Operati
Measurement and instrumentation (M&I), he said, "is the foundation of automation, whether you're talking about control excellence, asset excellence or productivity excellence. Without M&I, there'd be no solid basis for decisions and no measurable parameters to bring into advanced control environments."

February 2010 saw the release of two devices—the RTT30 I/A TemEcperature Transmitter with HART Protocol, and the low power Model 84 Intelligent Vortex Flow meter. The RTT30 is a microprocessor-based, 2-wire temperature transmitter that receives input signals from thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), and resistance (ohms) or millivolt sources.

The Model 84 is designed for flexibility and reliability in harsh process environments. No other vortex flow meter exhibits the same accuracy in liquid, gas and steam for process temperatures up to 800°F (430°C). The Model 84 incorporates patented DirectSense technology and Flexible Tuning for high performance.
April saw the addition of an upstream oil-and-gas solutions, as well as the HHT50 Tablet Configurator and the FOUNDATION Fieldbus (FF) Positioner Advanced Diagnostics for SRD Series Intelligent Positioners. The high-value solution for the upstream oil-and-gas market takes advantage of Foxboro's unique Coriolis capabilities that were released to market during this time. It measures the gas/oil/water mix, allowing customers to replace aging separators cost effectively.

The HHT50 tablet is a powerful configuration tool for intelligent field devices. It is a rugged unit that utilizes the Windows XP Tablet PC operating system and ships complete with Foxboro Model PC50 configuration software.

The FF Positioner Advanced Diagnostics, together with FDT-DTM based software, offers a full range of tools for complete, predictive maintenance of valves.

June releases included the 876PH Transmitter, Mag Flow 2-Wire HART LevelStar Buoyancy Transmitter—Phase 1 and the IMV31 density-compensated level transmitter.

The Foxboro Model 876PH is a full-featured transmitter for pH, oxidation reduction potential (ORP) or ion selective electrode (ISE) measurement applications. It offers easy configurability, a rugged field-mounted enclosure for the most challenging industrial environments, and agency certifications for hazardous electrical areas. HART communications and a time-saving HART Device Type Manager integrates with plant asset management strategies. The device is designed for long service life, quick and easy application set changes, and operations savings in both material and labor costs.

The LevelStar Buoyancy Transmitter is designed to measure liquid level, interface or density of liquids. They feature easy remote configuration and supervision with a PC or HART Hand terminal, or via local keys. Total I/A Series measurement integration is possible through HART, PROFIBUS or FOUNDATION Fieldbus communication.

The IMV31 provides accurate tank level measurement even when fluid density varies.

Slated for release before the end of March, 2011, are the following: a FOUNDATION Fieldbus version of the RTT30 Temperature sensor, a wet gas device for upstream oil and gas, an updated 9100/ 9200 magnetic flow sensor, a Wireless HART Adaptor and Gateway, and the recently announced hydrofluoric acid (HF) alkylation optimization system. In addition, there will be extensions to the Invensys device type managers, FOUNDATION Fieldbus algorithms, and an updated dairy M&I solution.

Dickson noted a growing trend: companies and sites that are increasingly requesting both devices and operational support. "The aging populations of Europe and North America have created a situation where knowledge is walking out the door," he said. "In emerging companies, the pool of experienced engineering is spread thin."

He added: "Both areas are asking for more and more long-term, operational support from us, because we're the source for deep product information. The result is that we have a growing opportunity to add to our delivery capabilities—helping plants not just with devices, but also the best intelligence on how to use them."
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