Cyber Security Takes Spotlight at OpsManage'10

Did you ever wish for the opportunity to question experts from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the North American Electric Reliablity Council (NERC) or others about cyber security? Or would you like to share some of your knowledge and experience?

Ernie Rakaczky
Ernie Rakaczky

You can do that in one of the many cyber-security sessions this week at Invensys Operations Management's OpsManage'10 conference. Sign up and attend PB-ETS05: "Cyber Security-Collaboration is the Key to Success: Panel Session with Industry Experts," on Wednesday at 10 a.m. in Peabody Q.
Cyber-security sessions began on Monday with a panel comprised of the Invensys cyber-security team presenting its cyber-security journey. The Invensys team has taken the following steps to ensure its products and solutions are:

  1. Developed-using the best- in-class security development life-cycle program
  2. Tested-through the National labs testing programs, Wurldtech device Certification, and Invensys QA security-specific testing
  3. Implemented-using FAT & SAT security baselining measures
  4. Supported-required infrastructure in place to provide a lifetime of support
  5. Improved-offering Modernization, Advantage & Migration programs.

The team includes Invensys Vice President of Information Security Jim Motes, Chief Security Development Manager Paul Forney, Manager of Security Consulting Doug Clifton and Ernest Rakaczky, program manager for control system security within the Invensys Portfolio group.

Collaboration panel

The Wednesday Collaboration panel includes Dr. Nate Kube of Wurldtech, Tim Roxey of NERC, Charles Ross of McAfee, Marty Edwards of Idaho National Laboratories (part of DHS) and Peter Kwaspen of Shell.
The panel will first spend some time identifying what each individual member needs from the other panel members-basically, what are the key elements a given group needs to be successful, those elements that are working already and those where a gap exists. Trust, information sharing and developing a stronger understanding of each other's requirements/burdens are the foundation for setting into place a stronger collaborative environment. This is so critical if there is to be a fighting chance of being successful. The goal is that everyone comes away with a clear set of objectives to work on and continuously update.
The second mission of the panel is to have a solid open dialog with the User community in attendance. A key message in this element of the panel will be to ensure that those in attendance understand the importance of getting involved and how to get involved. Perhaps users in attendance will identify a "Top 10 List" of their concerns, requirements and/or areas of required support.

Additional sessions

Other must-see cyber security sessions include these.

  • IS-MMM07: "Assessment & Design of a Metals Process Control Network Architecture for Improved Security," 3:15 p.m. at Bayhill 28, led by Rob Zwick of TECK Mine
  • IS-WWW07: "Water & Wastewater Industry Expert Panel," 4 p.m. at Bayhill 24
  • IS-POW08: "Power Round Table," 5 p.m. at Bayhill 21, facilitated by Danny Crow and Paul Dacruz.


  • PB-FXIA01: "Foxboro Steering Committee Update and DCS Roadmap," 8 a.m. at Peabody Q, led by Terry Deo and Betty Naylor-McDevitt
  • PB-ETS05: "Cyber Security Collaboration is the Key to Success," 10 a.m. at Peabody Q
  • PB-FXIA26: "Foxboro I/A Series V8.5 Cyber Security Compliance," 4 p.m. at Bayhill 18.


  • PB-FXIA22: "Foxboro I/A Series Case Study: Wurldtech Achilles Certification," 12:30 p.m. at Bayhill 19, presented by Nate Kube and Andy King
  • PB-TRX11: "Triconex/Tofino Firewall Embedded OPC Testing," 1:30 p.m. at Celebration 7, led by Eric Byres and Joe Scalia.

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