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Security Issues: Portable USB Device Offers Virus Software

[ Updated 1.10.11 ] New portable USB Virus Detector for industrial systems turns stuxnet on its ear, uses the same concept but for good. Also, Symantec researchers surmise that the stuxnet malware is designed to go after a frequency converter from a company in either Finland or Tehran, Iran.

•  Security: USB Virus Detector for Industrial Systems

•  New Bill Would Give DHS New Power of Some Private Networks

•  Defending Against the Next Stuxnet

•  Symantec: Stuxnet Clues Point to Uranium Enrichment

•  Security Webcast: Creating Security Systems that Allow Data Access and Protection

•  Damn, That's One Advanced Power Grid Worm

•  Stuxnet: Fact vs. Theory?

•  Researcher Demonstrates Stuxnet at Work

•  Stuxnet 'Cyber Superweapon' Moves to China

•  Stuxnet file hints at Israeli link: NY Times

•  Stuxnet is a 'weapon' out to destroy an Iranian Nuclear Plant?

•  Stuxnet Could Hijack Power Plants, Refineries

•  Control Systems a New “Bulls-eye” for Hackers

•  Video: A Look at Safety and Security Breaches

•  Grid is Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

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