Harting Wins Chinese Patent Infringement Case

The judgment by a Shanghai court is a positive signal, says the company, and sends a message to current and future patent infringers.

Patent infringements and plagiarism represent major problems in China, especially for the manufacturers of brand products. Components supplier Harting Technology Group (www.harting.com) has taken resolute action against a Chinese company that had copied its connectors, the company said in an Aug. 3 press release.

Following in-depth investigations, Harting, the Espelkamp, Germany-headquartered company, took recourse to the Shanghai Second Intermediate Court and initiated legal proceedings for damage and injunction in connection with patent infringements. After proceedings of only four months, the Shanghai court passed a judgment confirming the patent infringement and sentencing the respective manufacturer to discontinue the production and sales of the counterfeit products, as well as imposing the payment of damages, according to the press release.

Harting said that the court judgment is an important positive signal for the company, as this action not only weakens the market position of the opponent, but also issues a warning to current and future patent infringers. Harting is a globally active company and holds a particularly strong position in Asian markets. The Technology Group has filed patents in China since the beginning of the 1990s, although their actual enforceability has been doubtful to date.

The outcome of the recent proceedings demonstrates that intellectual property is also being protected in China in the meantime. In taking resolute action, Harting said it has clearly demonstrated that the company will assert its intellectual property rights internationally and will not hesitate to take recourse to all respective legal measures—now and in future.
Harting Technology Group

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