National Instruments Brazil Delivers Solution for MWM International Motors

NI data acquisition tools allow valves displacement mapping for a brake motor system.

Carlos Devesa, General Manager, National Instruments Brazil.
Carlos Devesa, General Manager, National Instruments Brazil.

The goal of a project launched by the Brazilian subsidiary of MWM International Motors, a manufacturer of high-technology engines, was to create a new motor brake technology that is more robust in critical situations—for instance, during the descent of a truck on a slope with a heavy load, requiring the use of motor power to stop the vehicle.

The challenge was to develop a solution to simultaneously manage valve displacement, organize the reports and map the system. To meet this challenge, the valves displacement system for the motor brake system was created by using the USB-6218 and Compact FieldPoint data acquisition tools from National Instruments Corp. (, an Austin, Texas automation supplier.

“To reach the success wanted in this project, MWM International started to use National Instruments' tools for test control, the programming language LabView for software development, and also NI DIAdem (software to manage, analyze and display data collected during the acquisition and/or data generated during the simulations),” explains Carlos Devesa, National Instruments Brazil General Manager. The Brazilian subsidiary has been operating in the country since 1998 and covers all of South America and the Caribbean.

MWM International Motors also reformulated its dynamometer control, adopting the NI Compact FieldPoint, guaranteeing greater robustness and precision in the process. “Today, it is simpler to analyze the data, make decisions and generate reports on the realized tests,” says Devesa.

The company manufactures a broad line of high-technology engines—from 2.5 to 9.3 liters and from 50 horsepower to 375 hp. Its Center of Technology and Businesses is in São Paulo, and it has three industrial facilities in Mercosul, near São Paulo; Canoas, Brazil; and Jesús Maria, Argentina.

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