Kube Selected For International Plant Security Working Group

Wurldtech CTO Nate Kube will serve as industrial cyber security subject matter expert for WIB, whose members include major energy companies.

Wurldtech Security Technologies Inc., a provider of cyber-risk and compliance management solutions for industrial automation industries, announced on Jan. 13 that Nate Kube, Ph.D., has been selected to join the European International Instrument Users’ Association (WIB) Plant Security Working Group as its industrial cyber security subject matter expert. Kube is chief technology officer for Wurldtech, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

“Dr. Kube is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of industrial control systems security, formal testing and certification program development and brings an impressive breadth of experience to help drive our security efforts for the end-user community,” said Ted Angevaare, Working Group chairman & global security leader at Shell. “We are extremely happy to have him join our team and look forward to his contributions.”

The WIB is an international instrument users association that provides process instrumentation evaluation and assessment services for, and on behalf of, its membership, which includes leading energy companies such as Areva, BP, Shell and Total. In 2007, the plant security working group was formed to address the challenges of its member community with a focus on the development of international cyber security standards and the creation of security certification guidelines to drive security improvements throughout network infrastructure supply chains.

“The WIB Plant Security Working Group is taking a very intelligent approach to addressing the cyber security challenges of the operator community and I am pleased to be a part of this initiative,” said Kube. “It is refreshing to finally see an effort driven by a strong end-user mandate with a benefit-driven focus, which I believe will lead to significant advancements in a very short period of time.”

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