Automation for Diversification, Differentiation

An overall trend is diversification. Emerging markets see chemical production as a means to increase employment or diversify on oil and gas resources.

Globally, specialty and fine chemicals have become especially attractive, since they offer the dual benefits of new revenue streams and market differentiation. Increased sophistication of level 1 devices, application and installation savings available with wireless technologies, and top-down management afforded by PlantWeb® architectures, all offer the control and instrumentation infrastructure required by more sophisticated processes.

In the final analysis, chemical manufacturers benefit most when they see automation as a competitive differentiation, using smart devices, control systems and plant-wide integration to drive variability out of the system.

Year after year, our customers tell us that Emerson excels at bringing them benefit. A key reason is our focus on customer problems. Industry- and process-specific initiatives, expanding service capabilities (many closely focused on specific processes) and smart devices designed for reliability and intelligent control, all ultimately began as ways to answer user needs. Our objective is to make sure that these answers translate into better throughput and lower costs.


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