Safety Engineering Certified by T?V

The TÜV organization ( has certified that all of the engineering work done by safety instrumented systems (SIS) engineers from Austin, Texas-based Emerson Process Management ( consistently meets the requirements of the IEC 61511 standard for functional safety in the process industries.

This certification applies to all worldwide engineering of Emerson’s smart SIS that extends the company’s PlantWeb digital architecture. Comprising sixteen-channel modular logic solvers, the DeltaV SIS can be deployed in distributed fashion to perform programmable electronic system functions.

The Emerson European engineering group was the first in the world to meet the IEC 61511 standard, according to the company. Emerson safety personnel and services organizations help customers plan and implement smart SIS solutions to comply with the new IEC 61511 safety standards. Services include assisting the customer with process hazard analysis and risk assessment, along with SIS design, implementation and commissioning.

According to Emerson Vice President Duncan Schleiss, the 61508 standard of the International Electrotech-nical Commission (IEC) was designed for suppliers of safety systems, while the companion 61511 standard was pointed at users of safety systems. Emerson’s certification was achieved so that the company could assist its customers with appropriate installations of safety systems.

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