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Top 10 Skills

Here’s a list of skills that you’ll need in the future.

The February edition of Futurist Update, the e-mail newsletter from the World Future Society (, lists the top 10 skills for the future as determined by Syracuse University public-affairs professor Bill Coplin.

* Work ethic, including self-motivation and time management.

* Physical skills, e.g., maintaining one's health and good appearance.

* Verbal (oral) communication, including one-on-one and in a group.

* Written communication, including editing and proofing one's work.

* Working directly with people, relationship building and teamwork.

* Influencing people, including effective salesmanship and leadership.

* Gathering information through various media and keeping it organized.

* Using quantitative tools, e.g., statistics, graphs or spreadsheets.

* Asking and answering the right questions, evaluating information and applying knowledge.

* Solving problems, including identifying problems, developing possible solutions and launching solutions.

The book can be ordered at:

These work for almost all environments. Do you have any that are manufacturing specific ones that you’d like to share. E-mail Gary Mintchell at

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