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Three Become One

New Opto 22 Web site consolidates data formerly housed on three sites.

Opto 22, the Temecula, Calif.-based supplier of industrial automation, remote monitoring and data acquisition products, has launched a new Internet Web site designed to simplify access to information for customers and other site visitors.

The new Web site—which launched on Nov. 17—consolidates and updates information previously housed on three separate sites maintained by the company. The consolidated site includes several new and expanded features. One new function, called “,” is planned for early 2004 to enable users access to personalized information.

The previous three Opto 22 Web sites were focused on separate product areas, says David Crump, Opto 22 marketing communications manager. An original site was aimed at the company’s traditional automation and control audience. Two additional sites, which focused on Opto 22’s Information Technology solutions, and on the company’s wireless machine-to-machine communication solutions, had been launched in 2001 and 2002 respectively. Each of the three sites had a separate Web address. While there were links among the sites, each site had a different look and feel, says Crump, which may have been disorienting for some users.

Noble attempt

“The sites were developed in a very noble attempt to provide each of our different customer bases with the information they needed without overwhelming them with things that they might not necessarily be so interested in,” Crump observes. “But in doing that, we may have overwhelmed ourselves in terms of trying to maintain three separate sites.”

The new Web site is designed to provide easy access to information from a single location. Among other things, users will be able to more easily find specific products, says Crump, and they will find an easier interface for locating Opto 22 sales personnel and distributors.

The planned functionality will enable users to set up user identifications and passwords, fill out a short checklist, and be presented with information that is specific to their job functions and application interests. Users will also be able to sign up for e-mail updates on products and topics specific to their interests. The service is scheduled to be enabled by Jan. 1, Crump says.

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