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Column: Welcome to Automation World

Welcome to the premier issue of Automation World. It is my pleasure to introduce the most significant new publication launch in the automation business in 15 years.

From planning, funding and approving through implementing, integrating, operating and maintaining, the manufacturing automation buy is highly integrated today. Automation World plans on delivering information that will assist the entire buying team, so businesses realize the value in automation investments. Our experienced publishing group will promote automation as the key ingredient to help companies meet their production and business plan initiatives.

The justification of capital expenditures by any organization is a driving force behind increased investment. Whether replacing automation components or upgrading entire plant-wide systems, the entire buying team must collaborate. Not only must the buying team justify the costs of components and systems, it must prove their added value to the company in terms of business results, such as increased productivity throughout the organization. That’s why the expanded buying team today consists of engineers, vice presidents of manufacturing, system integrators, IT professionals and financial and corporate management. All of these individuals need to collaborate to promote manufacturing competitiveness.

Automation World will target and deliver information to this diverse group. We will cover the topics, standards, products and automation solutions available to businesses today. We will document the financial successes of companies and how they achieved advancements through automation investment. We plan to make it clear why different disciplines within a company, such as engineering and IT, once separate, need to work together. It is clear that new technologies and expanding plant-wide networking provides access to tremendous amounts of real-time information. This is precisely where the different disciplines throughout an organization are meshing and creating new communication opportunities. It allows information exchange with the tools to drive expanded business results.

Automation World has assembled an experienced, knowledgeable and approachable group of top-notch editors. Jane Gerold, Gary Mintchell and Wes Iversen have more than 80 years of combined engineering, business and publishing experience. They head up an editorial team that will work with automation users and vendors to cover this world of automation with the dynamic attitude it deserves. Professionals involved in automation should be proud of their career choices and the innovative contributions they have made, not only to their own companies, but also to manufacturing and the people it serves throughout the world.

There are those who have asked, “Who are these crazy people investing and launching a publication in today’s business climate?” Well, we are Automation World! We have built a great team that shares a vision on how we can do our part to help energize and promote automation. It will ultimately be you, the automation buyer, with help from suppliers, that invests in manufacturing. Believe it or not, the economic recovery will occur. Automation World has invested and plans on being in the right place at the right time during the recovery. You should also invest now, not only to capture actual benefits immediately, but also to be in position to gain substantially when business again rolls.

Do yourself and us a favor. After reading this inaugural issue of Automation World, take a minute to fill out the subscription card and pop it in the mail. This will ensure regular delivery of your free monthly issue. Please forward the issue to colleagues you feel would benefit by receiving Automation World so they can complete the additional subscription card that is included in this issue. As a subscriber, you will have access to the electronic version of Automation World online. This innovative process delivers an exact digital replica of the magazine, creating new opportunities for end users and suppliers to communicate. You can view the digital magazine on our Web site at

The entire Automation World team looks forward to your readership, your feedback and the many interactions we will have in the months and years to come. Thank you for your support.

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