Amtech Drives Solves Manufacturing Down-Time Issues For Global Paper Cartel

Sept. 14, 2011
Amtech Drives, Inc. one of the world's most accomplished experts in electrical power and torque modulation solutions was contracted by its customer Papelsa y Cartones South America, a 30-year old global manufacturing firm using recycled and natural fibers to produce a wide range of paper and corrugated materials for box products, to provide solutions for chronic down-time episodes experienced at one of their many South American production facilities.

Amtech in collaboration with Inelec Corp recommended the conversion of all this facilities couch section DC motor drives to AC variable frequency motor drives to solve their past production issues. Amtech implemented a fast, simple and highly cost-effective upgrade that translated into sweeping enhancements across the complete engineering and operational process for Papelsa South America resulting in a 30% increase in production quantity.

"Papelsa y Cartones is a progressive organization operating on a huge scale with extremely high production values, so any down-time at all represents a significant monetary loss for them," stated Dan Patel, CEO of Amtech Drives, NA. "Fortunately, our team and products for a rapid solution was the quickest fix for them and very simple to integrate into their manufacturing system. At the same time we were able to help Papelsa reduce their environmental footprint, a continuing focus of our efforts and contributing reason why we've become an industry leader."

Designed to precisely manage the electrical current for ultra high-speed motors and spindles, Amtech's Axpert Eazy AC VFD system utilizes a proprietary PWM sinusoidal waveform. This advanced PWM technology combines with IGBT devices to create improved bearing and spindle life as well as up-time.

"Our high performance Eazy system is virtually maintenance free, incredibly efficient, actually increases motor life, and can not only maintain production standards but improve upon them," adds Amtech's National Sales Manager, Dave Lawler. "We also think this installation is a tribute to the effectiveness of our own International sales and service program. Such positive results are indicative of our corporate goal, which is to lead our industry," added Lawler.

According to Lawler, this system consists of two drive units, one for each of the 400HP motors in this particular operation. This "coordinated" drive system must keep each three ton motor running at equal speed and does so within a tolerance + or - three RPM.

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