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Oil Field Management--Digitized

A new project illustrates the growing adoption of digital oil field management technology among global oil and gas operators.

Ithaca Energy (UK) Ltd. in Aberdeen, Scotland is installing the Well Performance Monitor (WPM) from Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS). Using technology from Matrikon, WPM will manage the operational performance of Ithaca Energy’s new Athena oilfield in the North Sea.

According to Marco Peña, operations petroleum engineer, the Athena Field is expected to produce approximately 22,000 barrels of oil per day when it comes into production. Using WPM, engineers can monitor how wells are performing compared to expectations, while visual models will predict what each well can produce.

Peña says engineers can see where production shortfalls are occurring and take immediate steps to correct them. Also, “allowing us to have the system up and running before the facility is operational is a huge plus, as is giving us access to real-time information to pinpoint underperforming wells,” he said. “Last but not least, it helps improve collaboration throughout the team.” 

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Renee Robbins Bassett
,, is Manager Editor of Automation World.

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