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The Promise of a Virtual Plant

MYNAH Technologies announces the release of MiMiC v3.4 Simulation Software for operator training and automation system testing.

This release includes significant enhancements that provide quicker development of process models and more effective operator training and automation system testing.

New Capabilities of MiMiC Simulation Software v3.4:

Consistent with MYNAH’s commitment to provide users with the highest performing dynamic simulation available, MiMiC v3.4 is available in a 64-bit installation for Microsoft Windows 7 and Server 2008 64-bit operating systems. This allows MiMiC users to take advantage of extended memory access and floating point efficiencies in these operating systems. In order to support the real-time requirements of fast systems, such as power management, high speed material handling or gas processing, MiMiC v3.4 supports dynamic model execution in four scan threads (100, 200, 500 and 1000 msec). As MiMiC is built for multiprocessor support, each scan thread runs on a different "core", increasing the speed and efficiency of model execution. These breakthroughs, together, allow the user to implement larger, more powerful, dynamic simulations with better real-time performance and a lower technology investment.

Three new base modeling blocks (Generator, Turbine, Conveyor) have been added, along with an Advanced Modeling Furnace Object, to MiMiC v3.4, significantly improving the time required for model development. Advanced Modeling Objects in MiMiC provide high-fidelity, dynamic model performance with much lower engineering time than any other solution. In addition, MiMiC v3.4 marks the release of the Advanced Models Dynamic Pressure/Flow Solver. This was a multi-year development achieving the goal of providing realistic pressure, flow coordination across an entire flowsheet with no user configuration while avoiding the instability issues seen in other flow solvers.

In addition to the enhancements mentioned above, MiMiC v3.4 has decreased the engineering time required to build simulation models through four new features:

• The Bulk Utility Entry allows the user to create a single master model and rapidly replicate a large number of similar models, saving the user valuable time and speeding up the process of having new models up and running.
• The Configuration View allows the user to quickly choose specific block types and immediately view an editable list of block parameters, therefore it makes modifying and maintaining block parameters simpler than ever before.
• The Custom Unit System allows the user the flexibility to use their current units and translate to the MiMiC unit of measurement in one user interface.
• Global Rename Support allows the user to change the name of one model and MiMiC v3.4 globally searches and changes all appropriate references to the updated name.

"We are extremely excited about the release of v3.4", said Martin Berutti, President/COO of MYNAH Technologies. "This is another significant step in delivering our promise of the ‘virtual plant’ to every process plant, in any industry across the globe."

MiMiC v3.4 has been released for any new system purchases. MiMiC users who are current on MiMiC Software Support can upgrade to MiMiC v3.4 for no additional charge.

MiMiC Simulation Software is a dynamic process and I/O simulation solution designed for automation system testing and operator training. MiMiC is scalable from small to large projects, offering solutions for any process industry user. Unlike other simulation offerings, MiMiC is designed to be implemented by the end-user so that developing, modifying and maintaining dynamic simulation is easy and cost-effective. MiMiC works with many off-line process control systems, including Emerson Process Management DeltaV, Schneider Electric Unity and Quantum platforms, Rockwell PlantPAx, Previse ABB Simulator and other automation systems that support the OPC or Open Modbus TCP/IP protocols. By testing their automation system and training operators with MiMiC, process companies worldwide have increased product quality while reducing time to market, cost and risk. MiMiC is a proven tool for both Capital Project Excellence (CapEx) and Operational Excellence (OpEx) initiatives.

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