Debutanizer Operator Training Package

March 9, 2012
Mynah Technologies announced the release of the MiMiC Debutanizer Operator Training Package March 9, 2012. This package is a high-fidelity operator training system for distillation columns.

This solution from Mynah Technologies (, a provider of Simulation Software for automation system acceptance testing, operator training and industrial Ethernet Solutions, addresses the problem of maintaining or achieving operational excellence with anticipated employee turnover that will happen over the next few years.

The MiMiC Debutanizer Operator Training Package provides a complete environment for teaching safe and effective operations of distillation columns. It is also an effective tool for teaching process and automation engineers the use and design of process controls for distillation towers. This package uses MiMiC Distillation Advanced Modeling Objects for dynamic, accurate process responses.
Key features
Key Features of the MiMiC Debutanizer Operator Training Package:
Preconfigured and tested High-Fidelity dynamic model of a working Debutanizer column.
Process control configurations in MiMiC models and Component Studio graphics, as well as DeltaV Simulate modules and DeltaV Operate graphics.
MiMiC Component Studio Instructor Station graphic. 
13 prebuilt training scenarios covering instrument failures, feed upsets, atmospheric changes and process failures.
Process snapshots for full production, production at 33% and column total reflux.
Full MiMiC software license for customization of user requirements or as a starting point for customer operator training systems.
“Distillation is the most critical and complex unit operations in many process plants. This package is a cost-effective entry point for training plant operators on the safe and effective operation and control of distillation columns”, said Mart Berutti, President/COO of Mynah Technologies. “Unlike other packaged simulators, the models can work with any control system and can be customized to perform like any installed column.” 
The MiMiC Debutanizer Operator Package is available for purchase immediately.

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