Elmo Drives Gain Official EtherCAT Approval

April 25, 2012
Elmo, a provider of comprehensive motion control solutions, announced today that its Gold Servo Drives have passed the rigorous EtherCAT Conformance Tests, making Elmo one of only six companies to do so.

Elmo invests significant resources of time, money and skills into complying with industry protocols like EtherCAT, as well as standards such as Safety and EMC. Elmo believes that compliance is mandatory to guarantee reliable operation of any industrial equipment.

Haim Monhait, Elmo CEO, calls this Elmo's go-standard policy: "There is a great difference between a product that uses its own interpretation of a communications protocol and one that meets a universally accepted standard that provides product engineers with huge advantages like interoperability."
Choosing Gold Servo Drives with EtherCAT inside also brings customers:
  • Fast "straight forward" integration of the Network.
  • Network operation in terms of efficiency, speed, bus load, etc.
  • High level of cycling, synchronization for optimal multi-axis applications.
  • An "Open" network structure for ease of adding, omitting, replacing (including  vendors), upgrading nodes of any compliant product 
  • Fast, simple integration  with any other compliant product
  • Compatibility with future compliant products and solutions
For non-compliant products the "writing's on the wall"
According to Mr. Monhait, "implementations of 'non-EtherCAT compliant' products developed by companies trying to cut corners to save time and money, might degrade significantly the operation of the Motion Control Network, will not  operate properly with  EtherCAT masters, take enormous efforts to make it work, limit the Network performance in terms of communication speed and efficiency, causing very inefficient bus load, shallow and nondeterministic axes synchronization (if at all) and poor cycle time (if Distributed Clock is implemented at all)."
Elmo Motion Control - http://www.elmomc.com

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