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Beckhoff Adds Manual Operating Modules to Bus Terminal I/O Line

In order to provide more convenient interface options for machinery, Beckhoff Automation has introduced the new KL85xx manual operating module series.

Aw 10276 Pr032012 Beckhoff

These modules mount conveniently on the outside of control cabinet doors using a snap-in system. In addition to easy manual machine intervention without opening the control cabinet, these digital and analog I/O modules also enable the convenient observation of process data.

A total of four different module types are available for manual operating functions:
  • KL8519 | 16-channel, 24 VDC digital inputs to monitor machine status 
  • KL8528 | 8-channel, 24 VDC at 0.5 A per channel digital outputs can follow programmed outputs, disable outputs individually or manually turn on outputs individually 
  • KL8524 | 4 x 2-channel, 24 VDC at 0.5 A digital output module that has 8 channels grouped in pairs such that, for each set, only one output is allowed to be on at once.  Each pair has mutually exclusive outputs.
  • KL8548 | 8-channel analog output, 0…10 V: changeover between manual and automatic mode, the analog output either follows the programmed output in auto mode or is set via the potentiometer in manual mode.
Up to 31 of the KL85xx modules can be connected to the Bus Terminal system using Beckhoff’s K-bus extension. The maximum distance between the individual KL85xx modules is 5 m. The modules can be integrated via Bus Couplers into almost any fieldbus system, such as Ethernet, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS and more. The I/O level is wired via the KL9309 signal-independent adapter terminal using ribbon cable or shielded round cable. The KL9309 is a double-wide “high density” (HD) terminal that has 16 terminal points and is incorporated into the Bus Terminal node. The signals are electrically isolated.
The modules are configurable through TwinCAT automation software from Beckhoff; i.e., the various functions can be individually parameterized using function blocks. Power and error LEDs indicate the status of the modules. All switch positions of the output modules are available in the controller as process variables. The manual operating level prescribed in many specifications according to VDI 3814 can be realized using the Beckhoff modules without requiring further auxiliary products.
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