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Cognex to Host Complimentary Logistics Seminars

Cognex Corporation a supplier of machine vision and industrial ID systems, today announced that it will host a series of complimentary half-day seminars for logistics professionals.

The new Image-based Barcode Readers Transforming the Logistics Industry events will explain how a wide range of logistics and material handing applications can now achieve all the benefits of image-based technology for less than the cost of traditional laser-based ID systems.

Our expert speaker will introduce and demonstrate the Cognex family of DataMan logistics readers, which offer the following key benefits:
Unmatched read rate performance,
Long-term reliability,
Image archiving to enable Continuous Process Improvement,
Industrial communications
If you want to learn more about how to cost-effectively transition to image-based ID readers from traditional laser scanners, please register for half-day event nearest you! 
Ohio, May 24
Illinois, June 5
Tennessee, June 7
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