Europeans Flock to SPS/IPC/Drives Italia

July 10, 2012
At the end of May an important event for the Italian automation world took place in Parma: SPS/IPC/Drives Italia, the “daughter” of the well-known German SPS/IPC/Drives trade fair, which takes place in Nuremberg.

Visitors and exhibitors crowded the fair heedless of the earthquake that shook Italy. During the opening ceremony, Giuliano Busetto, president of AssoAutomazione, the Italian Automation and Measurement Association, along with Anie Federation, the Confindustria member representing the electrotechnical and electronic companies operating in Italy, gave some figures:

“2011 was a positive year for the automation world in Italy. The sector registered 16 percent profit growth and 18 percent growth in sales (from 19 percent in 2010), up to 4 billion Euros. Many companies saw their business coming to the same level of 2008, before the crisis, and some of them even overtook that goal. Efficiency, security & safety, and quality were the main drivers, together with innovation.”

Export was the main reason. Foreign demand of automation and measurement solutions in 2011 registered a 13.6 percent growth, so export counted for 30 percent of the global turnover (60 percent including the indirect export)—75 percent of it going to the European Union (46.7 percent towards the EU-15; 8.6 percent towards the UE-12). Finding new end markets is also a priority for the industry, especially in Latin America and Middle East.

Busetto added, “The credit crunch is the most critical aspect for the Italian companies. Regarding the future, 2012 should maintain the 2011 business level, but a change in the general economic situation has to come, if we really want to overcome the crisis.”

Energy savings
Automation technologies bring more “intelligence” both to the industrial and infrastructural worlds. Intelligent energy management could become really important for industrial automation players in the future, with the increasing importance of renewable energies, smart grids and network integration, smart cities, efficiency and eco-sustainability topics.

Omron Industrial Automation began three years ago rewarding the best energy saving application with its annual Omron Energy Saving Award. “We are proud to say that we are a ‘green company’, as we pay attention to the environment and the community in realizing new products and solutions,” said Fabrizio Braglia, country manager for Omron integrated automation business.

This year the Award was given to Acegas APS and its energy saving application for the Trieste water system.

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