Enhanced Wireless Technology Added to RTUs for Well Production

Sept. 7, 2012
Emerson Process Management has enhanced use of Smart Wireless for intelligent well production by unveiling its new IEC62591 compliant WirelessHART Interface for use with its Remote Terminal Units (RTUs).

Emerson Process Management has enhanced use of Smart Wireless for intelligent well production by unveiling its new IEC62591 compliant WirelessHART Interface for use with its Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). The new native interface directly integrates Smart Wireless networks with Emerson’s family of remote terminal units and flow computers including ROC800, FloBoss, and ControlWave RTU’s. Installation is streamlined and wellhead operation is reliable and more effective with the combined power of RTUs and benefits of Emerson’s full portfolio of Smart Wireless devices.

"The constant demand for oil and gas has forced the upstream market to apply new unconventional methods of extracting hydrocarbon liquids," commented Craig Llewellyn, president, Emerson Process Management, Remote Automation Solutions. The seamless integration of Emerson’s RTU platforms with WirelessHART solutions provides our customers a competitive advantage over conventional approaches."

The new interface speeds seamless integration and installation. With the interface installed, the RTU auto-detects the WirelessHART devices by sensing them as they are on or added to the network. There is no site survey required, making it easy and fast to set up the wireless field instrumentation, saving time and money.

The Smart Wireless mesh network enables wireless field devices to automatically find alternate communications paths, avoiding obstacles so users have flexibility during setup.  This IEC62591 mesh communications approach yields greater than 99 percent communications reliability. The networks implement Encryption, Authentication, Verification, Anti-Jamming and Key Management methods to ensure that data transmissions are secure.

The native interface saves commissioning and startup time since no external gateways, Modbus or data mapping are required. The interfaces have I/O communication modules for RTUs and a Smart Wireless field link to provide a weather-proof, explosion-proof wireless interface for outdoor mast mounting. This installation allows physical and environmental mounting flexibility so users are not limited to a specific location during device setup.

The installation and reliability advantages of integrated RTU and Smart Wireless networks open the way for users to improve operational performance by delivering more and better quality data to operations personnel.

The ROC800, FloBoss 107, and the ControlWave are industry-leading RTUs and flow computer products for the oil and gas upstream and midstream markets. Learn more about the ROC800, FloBoss 107, and the ControlWave and other Remote Automation Solutions from Emerson Process Management at http://www.EmersonProcess.com/Remote and by contacting your local sales office.

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