Wi-Fi Network Sensor Eases BYOD Challenge

Sept. 19, 2012
This new wireless network sensor system reduces some of the challenge of the "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) movement as well as eliminating need for Ethernet cable where cost or logistically prohibitive.

Fluke Networks (www.flukenetworks.com) announced Sept. 18 a new dedicated sensor for Wi-Fi network monitoring that eliminates the need for Ethernet cabling, and reduces the cost by up to two thirds in situations where cable installation is prohibitive from a time, cost or logistics perspective. With its quick and easy installation, three internal radios and Wireless Connect feature, the SmartEdge Sensor Series 4 for AirMagnet Enterprise instantly extends Wi-Fi security and performance monitoring, providing immediate coverage in the face of explosive wireless LAN (WLAN) growth and the BYOD phenomena.

“With WLAN growth approaching $1-billion-per-quarter, and the dramatic increase in BYOD, the areas organizations need Wi-Fi performance and monitoring coverage is increasing exponentially,” said Chia-Chee Kuan, vice president of the Fluke Networks WLAN business unit. “The SmartEdge sensor provides a solution to help secure and monitor the network by eliminating roadblocks caused by Ethernet cabling.”

Jason Sokoloski, president of Aercor, a wireless systems integrator, faces these logistical hurdles on a weekly basis and noted, "The need for quick, more cost effective, and less disruptive deployment options for WIPS (wireless intrusion prevention system) technology is particularly important in markets such as healthcare, where complying with Infection Control Risk procedures for cleanliness and TIA-1179 standards is imperative during cable installations. It also impacts other markets such as education, where drilling for cable access is both expensive and damaging to historic building structures. The new SmartEdge sensor allows us to instantly overcome challenges we face at customer sites and easily deploy or extend AirMagnet Enterprise."

The new SmartEdge Sensor Series 4 for AirMagnet Enterprise is available immediately.

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