Enterprise Quality Management Software Selection Guide

Oct. 26, 2012
Technology research firm provides critical resource to quality management executives.

LNS Research (www.lnsresearch.com), a technology research firm focusing on the industrial space, has released its Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) Solution Selection Guide. Comprised of 18 top vendors, the guide aims to both educate quality professionals on the EQMS market and facilitate the selection process.

Building a quality product plays a significant role in improving competitiveness and market share for any organization. Acting as a platform for cross-functional communication and collaboration, EQMS connects processes across the value chain through IT architecture to increase visibility, manage compliance, and improve decision-making. Market leaders are leveraging the software to reduce costs and improve business performance.

According to Matthew Littlefield, president and principal analyst of LNS Research, “Although quality management software has always played a central role in operations, EQMS exceeds previous systems by providing companies with the ability to centralize, standardize, and streamline information for more informed decisions.”

The EQMS Solution Selection Guide provides executives with insight for the complex choice of selecting an EQMS solution. It covers vendors in depth, with individualized overviews and analyses. The guide also dives into specifics on each vendor, including functionalities, industries and company sizes covered, geographies served, technology delivery platforms, and technology delivery models.

Littlefield believes that an EQMS solution can be transformative and significantly benefit business performance, but a company’s capabilities and needs have to first be aligned with the right vendor.

“The educational process is a vital component of selecting an EQMS,” he says. “Because considerable resources go into the global implementation, it’s imperative that companies take the appropriate steps to understand current resources as well as gaps in performance in relation to what’s available in the market.”

With high concentration and competition among vendors, the EQMS Solution Selection Guide helps to create a shortlist for executives. Available on the LNS Research website after executives complete a profile, the guide includes analyses of Siemens, SAP, Plex Systems Inc., Oracle, Intelex, Dassault, and more.

Littlefield’s vision is that this guide will serve as the first resource executives turn to when considering an EQMS. He said, “We’re trying to put high quality research into the hands of those making critical decisions for their organizations and, over the long run, their industries. With the right EQMS solution in place, we’ve seen companies pull ahead of the competition, but we’ve also seen failed implementations put companies back years and we’d like to help avoid that.”

LNS Research provides advisory and benchmarking services to help Line-of-Business, IT, and Industrial Automation executives make critical business and operational decisions. It focuses on providing insights into the key business processes, metrics, and technologies adopted in industrial operations. LNS Research’s current coverage areas include: EQMS, Manufacturing Operations Management, Asset Performance Management, Industrial Automation 2.0, and Sustainability.

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