First Vendor-led Industrial Network Certification Program

March 28, 2013
Belden’s industrial Ethernet infrastructure certification program will validate that network infrastructures are built to the highest standards and have the ability to evolve.

Cabling, connectivity and networking products maker Belden Inc. is partnering with industrial network system integrators to launch a program to design, install, configure and test companies’ new or expanded industrial Ethernet infrastructures. The program, focused on industrial markets, will include certification of network performance and reliability “using Belden’s demanding standards and best practices as a benchmark,” said Steve Biegacki, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Belden.

The program combines Belden experts affiliated with the company’s Hirschmann, GarrettCom, Tofino Security and Belden brands with network experts from a variety of system integrator partners. This way, “we are able to certify customers’ networks and give them peace-of-mind that their system will perform exactly as designed,” Biegacki said.

“We also recognize that our customers need to continuously change, upgrade and expand their networks, often using only internal resources,” noted Biegacki. To address this need, Belden offers expansion guidelines and access to network design experts for everything from moderate adjustments to significant changes.

The certification process

Belden’s industrial Ethernet infrastructure certification program will validate that network infrastructures are built to the highest standards with the ability to evolve to meet customers’ changing needs. No matter the size of the project, Belden’s process provides for a step-by-step approach.

First, integrators trained and tested by Belden’s network design experts create a custom infrastructure design for the customer. Then, Belden experts work together with the integrator to identify, discuss and resolve areas of potential risk. The design is implemented once it is finalized.

After installation and testing, Belden and the integrator review the project and test data. Then, the final certification will be issued, along with extended warranties, expansion guidance and access to expedited support. The certification team also maintains key documentation and test data to improve support effectiveness and assist with future enhancements or changes.

Biegacki said Belden pioneered a similar program for enterprise applications and has been running it successfully for several years.

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