Continued sales growth at B&R

May 9, 2013
Taking stock at the Hannover Messe, B&R was able to look back at a successful 2012 and present an optimistic outlook for 2013.

Taking stock at the Hannover Messe, B&R was able to look back at a successful 2012 and present an optimistic outlook for 2013. With $430 million in sales, this innovative automation provider posted an increase of five percent over the previous year, continuing its steady growth since the brief downturn in 2009. In light of positive sales trends, B&R expects a further seven percent growth to €465 million for the current year.

Integrated Industry – B&R's strategy for decades
B&R's booth in Hanover perfectly embodied the theme of this year's event – Integrated Industry. "For several decades, B&R's core strategy has focused on providing complete and uniform automation solutions that apply open technologies to facilitate integrated industrial applications," says Hans Wimmer, Managing Director of B&R. "As a result, our company continues to be excellently positioned as a technology partner, providing solutions not only to the challenges facing the field of automated industrial manufacturing today, but those on the horizon as well."

Sustained growth fueled by innovations
Last year alone, B&R invested more than 400 man-years in product research and development. In addition, 400 engineers around the world are hard at work implementing innovative software solutions for customers. It is this dedication to innovation that helps secure B&R's position as a technology leader and feeds its sustained organic growth. This growth is also reflected in B&R's ever-expanding global workforce, which currently numbers 2,400 employees.

Wind power – The driving force among renewable energies
The Hannover Messe was also home to the leading international trade fair for wind generation technology, components and services. This is yet another area where B&R was able to celebrate success. Despite a volatile year that saw a slump in the photovoltaic and wind power industries, B&R was still able to overcome the decline by gaining new customers and achieving an overall increase in market share. "Our customers in the field of renewable energy value our solutions as well, especially our safety and condition monitoring technology, and have expressed their appreciation with ever-increasing trust," says Wimmer.

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