Continued Growth Prompts JOT Automation’s Move to New Facility in the US

June 25, 2013
Finnish supplier of production and test solutions for the electronics, telecom, automotive, aerospace and advanced life science industries expands in San Diego.

Continued sales growth and the introduction of a larger product range have prompted a move to expand to a new facility for one of the world’s leading suppliers of production and test solutions for the electronics, telecom, automotive, aerospace and advanced life science industries, JOT Automation.

The company, based in Finland, has expanded its USA presence with a new site located in San Diego. This move will enable JOT to efficiently cater to the growing demand for automated manufacturing solutions.

Stefan Adolfsson, CEO of JOT Automation Inc. said: “Our move to this new facility will give us the capacity to cater for both recent and future increases in customer demand. This kind of investment in the infrastructure of our business can only improve the level of service that we offer our customers.

“JOT is moving forward across all aspects of the business and with the growing demand for smart phones and California’s dominance in this the market, with San Diego seen as one of the wireless capitals of the world, it was a natural move to expand here.

“Much of our business is based in the USA with many high profile clients residing here. As a business we had outgrown the original US facility and the new site will give us the opportunity to operate at an increased efficiency ensuring we offer the best possible service.

“This is a very exciting time for the company and is part of strategic plan to drive the organization forward and will strengthen and build on JOT’s already thriving reputation in production and test solutions for the electronics, telecom, automotive, aerospace and advanced life science industries.

“The move will ensure that JOT continues to be a leader in its field and stays ahead of the competition in terms of innovation and production and will help to strengthen our US presence.”

The move to the new facility in San Diego places JOT Automation in a location that is central to manufacturing expansion, including Tijuana, an influential centre for the manufacturing of medical devices in Mexico. The new facility is also within close proximity to Mexico’s automotive manufacturing districts, a strategic move forward for JOT Automation and their plans to expand the company in the coming years.

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