Companies Join Rockwell Automation Global PartnerNetwork Program

July 25, 2013
Twelve new companies have joined the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program, including new OEM Partner companies, Solution Partner companies, and Encompass third-party product referencing companies.

Twelve new companies have joined the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program. The list includes a range of OEM machine builders in North America, system integrator companies in Latin America, and two new technology partners, known as Encompass Partners.

Rockwell Automation Encompass partners, which are considered "third-party product referencing companies," provide functionality that complements, enhances and extends Rockwell Automation solutions. The new Encompass Partner in the Asia-Pacific region is Chengdu Action Electronics Join-stock Co., Ltd. Established in 1998, this company manufactures gas detection and alarming instruments in China’s Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. The company’s Chendu Action Action is an ISO9001-2008-certified quality management system.The new Encompass Partner in the Americas is Powerit Solutions, which offers the Spara DM online predictive energy management system. Spara DM allows commercial and industrial users to reduce utility costs through demand management, price response and energy efficiency.

Four new OEM Partner companies in the North America region "have demonstrated a commitment to offering high-quality, innovative machinery and equipment that uses Rockwell Automation solutions." They are:

  • BLAC INC. engineers and constructs the highest quality electro-hydraulic linear or rotary output actuators, and hydraulic power units for industries throughout the world. Their actuator systems deliver reliable long-term continuous operation, unique features and ease of maintenance
  • H2O Innovation’s mission is to design, develop and market innovative and environmentally friendly water treatment technology and to produce high-performance products in the field of membrane filtration, and biological and physical water treatment solutions.
  • MetlSaw manufactures high-speed, high-precision sawing machines for the ferrous and nonferrous metals industries, including saws for plate, extrusions, bar and rod applications. MetlSaw offers precision-cut parts to plus or minus 0.003 inches, and delivers them to automotive, aerospace, extrusion and metal service center facilities using carbide-tipped circular-blade technology combined with Rockwell Automation controls.
  • Point Eight Power designs and manufactures electrical control and distribution systems for the oil and gas, marine and pipeline industries. They provide low-voltage and medium-voltage switchgear, arc-resistant gear, power control distribution buildings and generator control systems, along with field service, parts, training and engineering studies.

In the Latin American region, six organizations have been recognized as Solution Partner companies, which means they "offer demonstrated knowledge in design, implementation, project management and maintenance of industrial control systems." The new Solution Partner companies are:

  • Automatik Control Industrial, S.A. is a Mexico-based systems integrator focused on the sugar industry. The company has experience automating complete facilities, including conveyors and mills, centrifugal machines, clarification, evaporation, crystallization, boiling control, power generators, and batch and continuous processes.
  • ECN Automation helps companies develop, commission and start up world-class industrial processes, mainly in the mining industry. ECN was founded in 1991 and has completed more than 400 successful control and automation projects.
  • Genesys Controls, S. A. supplies instrumentation and control solutions, including commissioning and start-up services. Headquartered in Ecuador, Genesys provides solutions primarily for oil production facilities and power generation plants.
  • IASTECH, an ISO9000-certified company, has offered complete solutions for the food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries since 1990. IASTECH focuses on improving productivity through process control management systems, and has experience in complete system automation services, such as DCS, batch control, MES and project management.
  • Omnicon, S. A. is an engineering firm providing solutions focused on optimizing industrial processes in the consumer products, mining, and oil and gas industries. Omnicon has operations in major cities in Colombia, and experience delivering projects worldwide.
  • PIL Automation is a systems integrator focused on oil and gas applications that is dedicated to providing industrial projects engineering, installation and start-up, with an emphasis on planned optimization. The company’s headquarters are located in Bogota, Colombia, with branches in Peru, Ecuador, and Houston, Texas.

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