Software Strategies: How Invensys Is Delivering Its Vision

Oct. 17, 2013
At the Invensys Software Conference, everyone from the product managers to the executives clearly delineated the company’s product and services vision (read more about Invensys Product Roadmap strategy). To better understand how the company is positioning itself to deliver on that vision, Ravi Gopinath, president of the company’s software business, shared his insights into the company’s actions.

“When we began to pull the software division together three years ago, we already knew we would need to extend our offerings to address three major trends: mobility, cloud/SaaS and Big Data,” said Gopinath. “Market acceptance of these emerging technologies has accelerated beyond our initial expectations, leading to increased focus on these areas.”

As evidence of Invensys’s investment in these areas, Gopinath pointed to recent releases such as its Wonderware InTouch Access Anywhere software, which “further extends our mobility solution set to embrace all aspects of our portfolio.” He added that the new InTouch and Wonderware System Platform 2014 and Wonderware Historian Online Edition, announced at this week’s event, directly address Big Data, supporting enterprise historians with up to 2,000,000 points and availability in the Cloud. “These are examples of how continual investments in our technology help us maintain a leadership position,” he said.

Gopinath added that the software division’s predictions on next-gen visualization and simulation have also proven to be very accurate as industrial companies increasingly seek to replace a retiring workforce with fresh talent. This issue looms so large for industry that Gopinath said, “We are accelerating our investments in this area, including new methods for delivering operator training and embodying workflow and best practices in our solutions.”

During his keynote presentation to kick off the Invensys Software conference, Gopinath noted that a primary focus for the software division would be to increasingly “verticalize” the company’s offerings, to make them even more specific to the industries in which they are used.  To further clarify his vision, Gopinath said, “Verticalization will manifest itself in how we deliver industry-specific solutions that address unique industry challenges. These solutions will include the appropriate integration and pre-configured components that embody those industries’ appropriate standards and best practices.”

To support this verticalization path, Gopinath noted that Invensys is expanding its service delivery capabilities under a “formal practice model to ensure that the implementation of these packaged solutions consistently delivers full value to our customers with little risk.” He added that this practice extends to Invensys’s system integrators to provide additional consistency across industries and expanded reach.

The expansion of Invensys’s service capabilities is occurring in parallel with development of verticalized technology components, Gopinath said.

Despite all the changes that have occurred in the past three years, across the industry and within the Invensys software division—from new vision alignment and new technology directions to stepped-up acquisitions and an increased focus on industry verticals—Gopinath said one thing hasn't changed: his underlying commitment to delivering integrated solutions built on an open, standards-based platform.

“We have a proven track record of delivering solutions and services that sustain value over the lifetime of the plant’s investments,” Gopinath said, citing the company’s consulting, training, implementation and engineering services, all delivered directly by Invensys experts.

“Additionally, our unmatched global partner network extends that expertise, solutions set and value-add services even further, then we back it up with our industry-leading Customer FIRST program, which helps sustain value and improve the performance of the asset over time.

“In the short and long term, you will see Invensys continuing to focus on enabling revolutionary value for our customers,” he concluded. “We’ll continue to develop and deliver new technology innovations, like those we announced this week. We’ll continue to enhance, extend and integrate our software portfolio, like we’ve done with Spiral and SmartGlance and soon InduSoft. And we’ll continue to expand and improve our network of global partners, who deliver a wide range of unmatched software, solutions and services.

“The market is poised for accelerated growth, driven by industrial software, and we are uniquely positioned to help our customers achieve revolutionary levels of value, performance and profitability.”

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