CC-Link Partner Association Adds Balluff to Board

Dec. 4, 2013
German sensor manufacturer Balluff is the newest member of the board of directors for the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA). This will help to expand the lineup of sensors compatible with CC-Link technology.
The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) announced today that Balluff, a major industrial sensor manufacturer with headquarters located in Germany, is the newest member of the CLPA Board of Directors. The board of directors is responsible for the management and strategy of the CLPA. The participation of this respected sensor manufacturer in designing the strategy and business plan for the CLPA will lead to an expansion of the lineup of CC-Link-compatible sensors. Additionally, the participation of Balluff will also increase awareness of CC-Link in Europe and the Americas. 
As part of its long-term strategy of adding value to its sensor products through connectivity and systems integration, Balluff has been a member of the CLPA since 2008.  To facilitate its development in China and other Asian markets, Balluff was also an early supporter of the CLPA’s “Gateway to China” (G2C) program. This is a CLPA promotion that helps American companies increase their business in China and the rest of Asia by using CC-Link as an enabling technology.
CC-Link is a high-speed, high-performance family of open automation network technologies that  enable devices from numerous manufacturers to communicate, resulting in a fast, deterministic control system. It is managed by the CLPA, an organization comprised of manufacturers and users of CC-Link technology, academics and other interested parties.
Jürgen Gutekunst, vice president of the Business Unit Networking and Business Unit Systems at Balluff headquarters in Germany, describes his vision for the future of the CLPA: “Being invited onto the CLPA managing board is an opportunity that doesn’t present itself every day. In this position we can actively help to shape the future of both the CLPA and the development of automation.”  Gutekunst says that to be a global player, manufacturers must be active in the ‘big three regions’ – Europe, the Americas and Asia – and understand their differences. For instance, decentralization of automation is well-advanced in Europe and North America, and in Asia it will remain an important topic. 
Sometimes, there are different routes to the same end, explains Gutekunst: “For instance, a low wage region will not be so focused on production efficiency until it begins exporting and must meet the requirements of its overseas’ customers.”
On a more immediate level, Gutekunst says Balluff is already integrating the open gigabit Ethernet-based network, CC-Link IE Field, in its distribution boxes. “As a member of the managing board, we intend to work together with the CLPA on the market acceptance of this new generation of decentralized automation,” he confirms.
“At Balluff, we want to be involved in determining the future and in creating impetus for innovations. The same is true of the CLPA, hence our delight at board membership,” adds Gutekunst.

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