Matrox Imaging Collaborates with Centre de Robotique et de Vision

Jan. 31, 2014
New communication software between Matrox-based imaging systems and controllers from leading robot vendors facilitates implementation of vision-guided robotics

Matrox Imaging today announced new communication software that allows vision systems running Matrox Imaging software to directly interface, over an Ethernet link, with controllers from leading robot vendors including ABB and FANUC. The socket-based communication protocol was developed by Centre de Robotique et de Vision Industrielles (CRVI), an experienced Quebec technology transfer center specialized in industrial robotics and vision applications.

"Vision-guided robots are increasingly used in manufacturing industries around the world including food and beverage, automotive and pharmaceutical to improve quality, increase productivity, ensure safety and provide flexibility," said Moulay Akhloufi, director research & development, CRVI. "This new communication protocol will help Matrox customers realize these benefits reliably and cost-effectively without the need to implement and integrate their own protocols."

"Pairing Matrox-based vision systems with robots to automate tasks is a growing requirement for many of our customers and CRVI are experts in that arena," said Laval Tremblay, vice-president of engineering, Matrox Imaging. "Our investment in the framework they developed for the ABB IRC5 and FANUC R-30 iA Mate controllers will be the basis of future support for other vendors' robots."


The new communication software will first be available in the upcoming release 4.0 of Matrox Design Assistant (DA), an intuitive flowchart-based development environment (IDE) that lets manufacturing engineers and technicians quickly configure and deploy machine vision applications on a highly integrated platform without the need for conventional programming.

About CRVI

Centre de Robotique et de Vision Industrielles was established in 1984 with the mission of supporting innovation in Quebec companies though technology transfer in the fields of robotics and machine vision. Up to 40 projects are completed each year in such diverse industries as manufacturing, aerospace, security, defense, mining, agriculture and biomedical. Teams of experts engage in feasibility studies, applied research, solution design and development, technical support and training.

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