Energy Management Resource for Manufacturers

Feb. 25, 2014
As the largest user of energy, the manufacturing industry needs to continuously stay on top of its energy use to ensure economic viability. To help in this effort, Mitsubishi Electric Automation launches an energy management website.

The good news about manufacturers’ increased focus on energy use over the past few years has been the creation of a plethora of helpful information sources. The bad news about manufacturers’ increased focus on energy use over the past few years has been the creation of a plethora of helpful information sources.

You see where I’m going here? There’s so much information on manufacturing energy management out there that it can sometimes be difficult to find what you’re looking for. To help manufacturers sort through the glut of information available to them, Mitsubishi Electric Automation has launched an energy management website dedicated to showcasing the company’s tools, white papers, and energy reduction solutions for industries such as automotive, food and beverage, logistics, material handling, packaging, metal, cement, glass, chemical, paper, and warehouses.

Some of the information showcased on the site includes:
• Energy awareness and challenges;
• How to achieve energy certification goals (Energy Star, ISO 50001, LEED);
• Energy key performance indicators;
• Environmental dashboards;
• Tracking energy use at the facility layer as well as in plant floor production equipment and processes;
• A 4-step energy management process; and
• An energy-saving calculator.

As mentioned, the site also details the company’s energy monitoring hardware and software products available for sale. But, considering the site’s host company, that will come as no surprise to anyone visiting the site.

“We created this energy microsite to help facility managers, plant managers, sustainability managers and others within the manufacturing sector meet their aggressive energy reduction goals,” said Ghulam Khan, senior automation solutions engineer, Mitsubishi Electric Automation. “It’s also an excellent resource for energy systems integrators and our channel partners who want a one-stop shop for Mitsubishi Electric products.”

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