ISA announces Ultra Electronics, 3eTI as ISA Promotional Partner

April 15, 2014
The International Society of Automation (ISA) announced that Ultra Electronics, 3eTI, a leading provider of certified, cyber-secure network solutions for critical information systems, infrastructure and industrial automation, is an ISA Promotional Partner.
The International Society of Automation (ISA) announced that Ultra Electronics, 3eTI, a leading provider of certified, cyber-secure network solutions for critical information systems, infrastructure and industrial automation, is an ISA Promotional Partner.
Through the partnership, 3eTI and ISA will work together to leverage 3eTI's core cybersecurity capabilities for the benefit of ISA members and customers, providing critical infrastructure protection (CIP) of their industrial networks and industrial control systems (ICS).
3eTI has launched its SecureICS initiative through its well-established work and relationships with the U.S. government and other large organizations. 3eTI and ISA will soon issue a series of reports addressing the current need for enhanced operational security of ICS to mitigate industrial cyber vulnerabilities and attack vectors, and to provide defense-in-depth ICS cybersecurity. 3eTI’s security specialists and executives will also share their findings on security topics in a blog to be launched this summer.
The partnership enables:
  • 3eTI and ISA to work together in providing ISA members and customers with access to 3eTI’s vast cybersecurity resources, including publications, case studies, seminars, consultation and more.
  • The presentation of 3eTI cybersecurity seminars, which will be provided free of charge to ISA’s worldwide members and customers.
  • 3eTI, as a thought leader in ICS cybersecurity, to explore new avenues and campaigns to improve understanding of industrial cybersecurity among ISA members and customers.
  • 3eTI to sponsor and present at upcoming ISA technical symposia and events, including 57th Annual ISA POWID Symposium, 2014 Water/Wastewater and Automation Controls Symposium  and 2014 Process Control and Safety Symposium.
For more than 20 years, 3eTI has assisted the US military in improving the security of its critical networks with proven and reliable cybersecurity products and services for industrial networks and systems. The company offers certified security solutions tailored to critical infrastructure, from analysis and protection systems extending from the enterprise to the PLC to embedded controllers and other devices. Its tools and products interoperate with existing control systems for true fail-safe security.
“As a global leader in developing security standards for industrial automation and control systems—and having played an essential role in the development of the US Cybersecurity Framework—ISA is on the frontline of protecting global industry and infrastructure from the serious risks posed by cyberattack,” says Jennifer Infantino, ISA's Manager of Marketing, Communications, and Corporate Partnerships. “By partnering with 3eTI, one of the industry's proven leaders in highly secure communications networks for the military and government markets worldwide, we can bring added marketplace visibility to this urgent challenge and provide our members and customers access to a broader, integrated set of industrial cybersecurity solutions.”
“3eTI’s mission is to help protect industrial systems from increasing risks due to a rise in published vulnerabilities, wider connectivity, and adoption of open standards that can expose networks and critical edge devices to serious exploits," said Benga Erinle, President of Ultra Electronics, 3eTI. "We are very excited about this promotional partnership and look forward to educating the ISA community through our SecureICS initiative and the importance of implementing risk-based, end-to-end security for future operational growth.”
The ISA Corporate Partnerships Program offers companies a customized, tailored approach to sponsorship within the organization. Partnership packages include year-round promotion, prominent association-wide access and recognition, and turnkey service from a dedicated team of professionals. Companies can bundle ISA products and services with marketing opportunities, providing a more streamlined approach to corporate sponsorship. For more information about ISA’s Corporate Partnerships Program, visit the partner section of the ISA website.
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