Siemens Explains Product Lifecycle Management Software via Webinars

Siemens PLM webcasts educate viewers on excellence in aerospace and defense, lean industrial food processing machines and more.

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from its conception, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal. Siemens PLM Software offers the following new webcasts to help in your steps to improve PLM at your company. The first set of webinars listed below will discuss the challenges and solutions within specific industries; we'll change the industries we look at as we progress through the year.  The second set of webinars dives deeper into product usage, technology and best practices.
Industry-focused webinars
Deliver the brand for CPG
May 14, 11 a.m. (Eastern)
CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies feel pressure from all sides: new and complex regulations, an increase in product variations due to consumer demand and a struggle to achieve sustainable growth. On top of that, CPG companies feel pressure from retailers who want to push private label products and control the consumer relationship.  This webinar will present opportunities PLM offers CPG companies so that they can respond to market needs, manage and develop products with increasing complexity and “Deliver the Brand” promises to the consumer.
Essentials for Excellence in Aerospace and Defense Design and Engineering
May 15, 2 p.m. (Eastern)
The cost and risk of developing and fielding new aerospace products can be enormous. To limit both development and production costs and mitigate their related risks, facilities and processes must be optimized from the outset.  Join us to see how NX’s product engineering software can not only help companies address the challenges posed by an increasingly complex, competitive business environment-but use product and market complexities as a competitive advantage.
Achieving consistent program execution excellence in aerospace industry through verification management
June 2, 2 p.m. (Eastern)
Global competition places increasing importance on achieving program execution excellence in the aerospace and defense industry. This presentation introduces how this can be achieved with a unique set of tools and processes that dramatically change the way product verification is planned, executed, and managed. Learn how to achieve consistent program execution excellence through verification management and how Siemens PLM Software's verification management software provides a single integrated solution. Webinar hosted by GlobalSpec.
Lean, clean industrial food processing machine design
June 6, 2 p.m. (Eastern)
Learn how industry leaders are building new capabilities and leveraging technology to produce innovative new equipment faster - and at lower costs.
Essentials for Excellence in Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment Process Management
June 10, 11 a.m. (Eastern)
With a rapidly changing global economic climate, capital-intensive manufacturers of heavy equipment machinery face an immediate challenge that is compounded by increasing global competition. Register today and see for yourself how Teamcenter defines, manages and validates your company's process management knowledge helping you to implement and execute smarter, faster and leaner.
Product-focused webinars
Leveraging advanced thermal and flow analysis to meet industry demands for efficiency, reliability and comfort
May 22, 1 p.m. (Eastern)
We will use NXTM Advanced Thermal and NX Flow analysis to evaluate cooling efficiency in a truck cabin. As part of this process, NX Surface Wrapping technology rapidly extracts complex interior or exterior surface volumes for CFD analysis. Additionally, we will perform flow analysis with NX Advanced Flow’s tracer fluid capability to evaluate if a leak in a gas tube will cause accumulation of gas inside a room. This is the third webinar in our new series "NX CAE Tips & Tricks" which runs bi-monthly. This replaces our previous "NX CAE Practical Applications" webinar series.
Various dates, 11 a.m. (Eastern)
Would you like to find out–from the comfort of your own desk–the latest technology evolutions in noise and vibration, acoustics, multibody dynamics, durability, optimization, virtual prototyping and physical testing? Our LMS products teams offer webinars on a wide range of these and similar engineering topics:
  • How do you identify structural resonances - May 14
  • Driving the more electrical aircraft challenge with model-based system engineering - May 19
  • An introduction to NVH Engineering - May 21
  • How to determine the root cause of excessive vibration - May 28
Tecnomatix Tech Tips Series
Every other Thursday through June 26, 12 noon (Eastern)
Learn how to use specific Tecnomatix® software capabilities in these live 20-minute webinar demonstrations.  Stay online after each demonstration for Q&A and to chat online with the presenters.  Register once for access to all live events and replays.  The next two topics are:
  • May 15: Introduction to manufacturing collaboration and knowledge sharing using geographic information system capabilities
  • May 29: How to conduct manufacturing collaboration and knowledge sharing using Intosite
  • June 12: Simulation, validation and commissioning of robotic manufacturing processes
NX for Manufacturing Tech Tips Series
Every other Tuesday through June 24, 12 noon (Eastern)
Take a closer look at specific CAM and CMM capabilities in NX 9 - and learn how to use them by joining live 20-minute webinar demonstrations. Register once for access to all live events and replays. The next two topics are:
  • May 13: Let NX CAM create your in-process material models
  • May 27: Streamline your machinery programming with custom templates
  • June 10: Quickly add new feature definitions for feature based machining

We provide this Siemens PLM Software webinars calendar every two weeks, providing information and registration for upcoming webinars.

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