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Industrial Networking Applications Demand Fast Throughput

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Industrial Networking Applications Demand Fast Throughput
WiFi continues to advance with the arrival of 802.11ac, the latest update to the standard designed to give mobile device users faster data throughput speeds. The update could more than double network data throughput speeds. The downside? 
Find out in the article, “Is Gigabyte-Capable WiFi Coming Soon to a Factory Near You?”, by Ben O’Hanlan, Sealevel’s president
Help for Discontinued PCI Boards
Part obsolescence is a big problem for OEMs. We understand the need for supply chain continuity and strive to avoid discontinuing our products. In fact, we’re still making most of the ISA boards dating back to Sealevel’s origins in 1986! In the event that there is component obsolescence outside of our control, we work to offer a form-fit-and function substitute to minimize impact on our customers. 
If you have a serial or digital I/O product from another manufacturer designed into your product that is end-of-life, Sealevel can usually help with a readily available replacement using one of our 350+ standard products. For instance, Digi users affected by the end-of-life of PCI serial boards can refer to this chart of recommended replacements. Stop worrying about product obsolescence and contacting us today to discuss options.
TECH LOWDOWN: Can I be notified when a new software release is available? 
All Sealevel I/O products include helpful software drivers and utilities to make installation and troubleshooting easy. We include a software CD in every shipment, and the current version of all drivers are available online in our website’s Support section. To keep you up to date with the latest features and improvements, we’ve recently added a new option for automatic notification whenever a new software release is available.
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