Aptean Launches Manufacturing Calculator to Show Immediate Value in Reducing Costs, Improving Efficiencies

July 23, 2014
Aptean has launched a free online cost savings calculator to help manufacturers visualize the potential impact of eliminating paper-based, performance measurement on the shop floor.

Aptean has launched a free online cost savings calculator to help manufacturers visualize the potential impact of eliminating paper-based, performance measurement on the shop floor. By plugging in readily-available, currently reported metrics, the easy-to-use calculator illustrates the typical savings manufacturers can achieve - in terms of labor costs savings, material yield savings as well as capacity uplift potential - by using an out of the box manufacturing execution system (MES).

Aptean's Factory solution is an MES designed to increase productivity and drive continuous improvement, while also providing manufacturers with real-time visibility into their shop floor operations. This insight enables manufacturers to take immediate steps to improve efficiencies by involving the workforce in decisions that impact production.

"Factory provides manufacturers with opportunities to improve every area of their operations from reducing down time to making better, actionable decisions," said Jennifer Sherman, senior vice president, product management, Aptean. "We launched the Factory calculator to provide organizations with a high-level glimpse of how impactful these changes can be to their bottom lines - in a matter of weeks, not months."

The calculator, available here, only takes a few minutes to complete. It is ideal for both multi-site and single plants in specific verticals, including food and beverage, automotive, consumer packaged goods and pharmaceutical.

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