EEC One: Automation of documentation increases engineering efficiency

Aug. 4, 2014
The new version of Eplan Engineering Center One (EEC One) has arrived.

The new version of Eplan Engineering Center One (EEC One) has arrived. Detail engineering and hence engineering times can be drastically reduced with comprehensive frameworks. Now available in 17 languages, the software supports important interna-tional standards and norms for the global market.

What started with English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese at the Hanover Trade Fair in 2013 is now being expanded: EEC One, the automation software from solutions provider Eplan, is now available in all 17 platform languages. The newly integrated dictionary function also ensures direct access to the Eplan diction-ary and hence to translations of the entire documentation of the schematics in all possible languages. At the same time it ensures consistency in the descriptions due to the use of uniform terms, phrases or special characters. Language barriers are removed and the efficiency level of the software usage increased. In particular, interna-tional companies with sites in multiple countries will appreciate this benefit.

Excel environment for automation
Efficient engineering is not only reflected in streamlined, automatic processes but also in the user-friendliness of the software. Furthermore, Eplan continues to use the tried & tested Excel environment with the EEC One, which allows intuitive use. New colouring supports the error search function. Additionally, in the current version a fixed value can be specified for the position of macros with respect to the predecessor macro. This supports rapid and clear positioning.

Integrated instead of just linked
The deep connection to the Eplan Platform is also reflected in the integrated parts selection. The EEC One directly accesses the Eplan parts database and transfers parts and their reference data. Transmission errors can be avoided due to the automated data transfer, and efficiency can be increased at the same time. Moreover, the new EEC One version is compatible with the current Eplan Platform 2.3 and the predecessor version 2.2.

First stage of automation
Nowadays, efficiency in engineering is no longer a supplementary benefit for most companies, it is neces-sary to remain nationally and internationally successful. Software tools that relieve the user from routine tasks are an important building block on the way to the efficient engineering process. This leaves more time for innova-tive developments and problem solving. Based on the macrotechnology that already offers options for stan-dardisation within the Eplan Platform, the creation of schematics in electrical and fluid power engineering can be automated via EEC One.

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