GE’s Operator Interface Solutions for the Industrial Internet Bring Consumer Technology to the Factory Floor

Sept. 15, 2014
GE Intelligent Platforms (NYSE: GE) announced the company’s QuickPanel+ operator interface (OI) for the Industrial Internet now features multi-touch technology, providing the same pinch-to-zoom functionality as today’s popular consumer touchscreen devices.

GE Intelligent Platforms (NYSE: GE) announced the company’s QuickPanel+ operator interface (OI) for the Industrial Internet now features multi-touch technology, providing the same pinch-to-zoom functionality as today’s popular consumer touchscreen devices.

Multi-touch and swipe viewing are a worldwide standard in consumer digital interfaces, so viewing system-wide details even on a 7” display is simple with the new QuickPanel+ multi-touch functionality. Double-tapping or pinching enables the interface to be enlarged to up to 400% of its original size. Navigation between interactive schematics can be achieved by simply swiping the screen. Multi-touch and swipe also allows developers to build more intuitive HMIs by eliminating the need for a formal menu system.

QuickPanel+ integrates process control, view and an option to run an embedded data historian in a single device with the latest touchscreen technology to provide the high performance, connectivity and user experience expected in today’s increasingly connected manufacturing environments. A general purpose operator interface capable of connecting to a variety of industrial PLCs and PACs, the QuickPanel+ is designed specifically to take advantage of the Industrial Internet. The latest in touchscreen technology makes it as responsive as a tablet or smartphone, yet robust enough to withstand industrial environments and applications, even if the user is wearing gloves.

“QuickPanel+ is the first operator interface that is truly intuitive, empowering businesses to be more efficient and effective on the floor and in the field,” said Tom Craven, Product Manager for Operator Interface Solutions for GE Intelligent Platforms. “Today’s engineers and operators expect today’s technology to be available to them everywhere. QuickPanel+ was designed with the user in mind, to be crystal clear, fast, and highly responsive.”

A plug-and-play operator interface, QuickPanel+ is not only compatible with GE systems but can also be integrated with a broad range of third-party controllers and I/O to meet customer and application needs. It is available in 7", 10", 12" or 15" screen sizes, and with faster processing speeds and more memory, QuickPanel+ delivers lower total cost of ownership, speeds implementation time and time to market, and makes integration easy.

QuickPanel+ also offers a fully-functional browser and multimedia support with the Windows EC7 operating system. This functionality enhances customization of the OI to user or customer needs: Users can pull up training videos, compile reports or access other necessary information like parts inventory to work efficiently.

“With 50 billion machines connecting to the Internet in the next five years, the need for control system components that enhance performance without increasing complexity are critical,” said Craven. “Incorporating the latest in touch-screen technology for the ease of use and instant information expected in the smartphone era makes automation work better and add more value to the business.”

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