POSITAL-FRABA Becomes Global Rockwell Automation Encompass Partner

Dec. 3, 2014
POSITAL-FRABA has been named as a global partner of Rockwell Automation’s Encompass program.

POSITAL-FRABA has been named as a global partner of Rockwell Automation’s Encompass program. (The company had previously been registered as an Encompass partner for Asia-Pacific and the Americas.)

FRABA Inc. is the North American sister company of Netherlands-based FRABA B.V., a group of enterprises focused on providing advanced products for position sensing and motion control in many sectors and applications. POSITAL is a business unit within the FRABA group that specializes in industrial position and motion sensors.

Through the Encompass Product Partnership, customers can quickly locate complementary products from POSITAL-FRABA and other vendors that best solve application challenges. These products are critical components of connectivity solutions that extend and enhance Rockwell Automation installations. For more information on Rockwell Automation’s Encompass program, visit http://www.rockwellautomation.com/encompass/.

POSITAL-FRABA products featured in the Encompass program include LINARIX linear displacement transducers, TILTIX inclinometers, IXARC explosion-proof rotary sensors and IXARC potentiometers with a unique programmable analog communications interface. All of these products are available in a wide variety of mechanical and electronic configurations to suit specialized application requirements.

Finding the right sensor for a particular application is straightforward. POSITAL-FRABA’s web site (www.postial.com) provides a powerful product finder tool that enables a customer to specify the product features they require, and then zero in on the available products.

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