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Feb. 13, 2015
ICONICS is a globally managed Microsoft Gold Partner and winner of the 2014 Microsoft Public Sector CityNext Partner of the Year award.

ICONICS is a globally managed Microsoft Gold Partner and winner of the 2014 Microsoft Public Sector CityNext Partner of the Year award. It provides advanced, Web-enabled and OPC UA certified HMI/SCADA software for any discrete manufacturing or industrial application. ICONICS announces that it is one of the first in its industry to achieve OPC UA Client Lab Certification from the OPC Foundation for its GENESIS64 V10.85 Platform Services.

OPC UA is a high performance and very secure interface and communications protocol designed to share real-time, historical and event data between systems and clients. OPC’s Certification Test Lab applies an exhaustive set of tests to certify that each product meets the strictest specifications. These tests align with best practices for implementation and interoperability, and include analysis to ensure proper handling of network disruptions and abnormal conditions.

GENESIS64 is built upon ICONICS' Platform Services, which includes universal connectivity to OPC UA, OPC, BACnet, SNMP, Databases and Web Services. Through this powerful middleware, GENESIS64 makes it easy to visualize, via its OPC UA interface, virtually any equipment, process, operation or business data.

For example, OPC UA clients can now securely access:

  • Registers and Data from Virtually Any PLC or DCS System
  • Equipment Maintenance Records from Most Maintenance Management Systems
  • Energy Data from Any Metering System
  • Incoming Order Data from Any ERP System

“ICONICS is pleased to have received the OPC Foundation’s certification for GENESIS64 V10.85 Platform Services,” said Russ Agrusa, ICONICS President and CEO. “We share in the foundation’s goal to expand OPC technology into new applications, including the Internet of Things. Certifications such as these help our customers and partners make informed decisions as to what software will work best in which environments.”

"With the recent OPC UA Client certification of GENESIS64 Platform Services, ICONICS continues to demonstrate its commitment to developing and delivering the highest quality products based on the latest OPC technology," said Tom Burke, President and Executive Director of the OPC Foundation.

Critical to industrial automation systems are the protection of control systems and all related communications. OPC UA, and ICONICS' implementation of OPC UA, provides multiple layers of protection, including user-generated and authority-generated certificate authorization, symmetric encryption, signatures on all communications and strict user authentication. With this certification, GENESIS64 V10.85 now appears on the OPC Foundation’s Web site list of certified products.

With over 300,000 installations in over 60 countries worldwide, ICONICS software is recommended for automating, monitoring and optimizing a customer’s most critical assets and has been selected by over 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies. ICONICS was recently recognized as Microsoft’s 2014 CityNext Partner of the Year. This award highlights the continued partnership between Microsoft and ICONICS. In 2013, ICONICS was named an Application Development Partner of the Year Finalist. In 2012, ICONICS was recognized at Microsoft’s Sustainability Partner of the Year.

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