LNS Research launches Asset Performance Management Research Library

Feb. 25, 2015
LNS Research, a technology research firm focusing on the industrial space, has released its Asset Performance Management (APM) Research Library.

LNS Research, a technology research firm focusing on the industrial space, has released its Asset Performance Management (APM) Research Library. Comprising research-based best practices and thought leadership publications, the library’s intent is to continuously educate manufacturing, business operations, maintenance, and engineering executives on emerging technologies. Readers will learn how to effectively define and integrate APM goals with those of enterprise operations across systems, processes, and people to better achieve operational excellence.

The library features an ongoing end-user survey that drills down into the current and future needs of manufacturing organizations across industries today. The results of this survey provide valuable benchmark data to executives looking to improve profitability, energy management, efficiency, safety and other areas to compete more effectively. Additionally, executives will gain access to reports detailing how to align business and asset performance goals, along with how to best use technology to support their continuous improvement activities in the evolving APM space. Also included in the library is a best practices guide that provides insight and recommendations for executives looking to learn about or invest in the latest strategies, processes, and supporting software technologies.

According to Dan Miklovic, Principal Analyst at LNS Research, “From continuous process industries like oil & gas to high-speed manufacturing sectors like semi-conductors, organizations across industries are beginning to understand the full importance of Asset Performance Management as a business strategy, and how it links to other key operational areas. We’re excited to launch this research library and welcome leading manufacturers, producers, and solutions providers from a wide range of manufacturing industries worldwide to register.”

Industry executives will be able to access the APM Research Practice Library and other relevant reports by completing a profile and the APM survey on the LNS Research website. They can begin by requesting access from the APM Research Library webpage. If you are a software/service provider or a media company and would like access to the research, please contact Natalie Tarutis.

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