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May 27, 2015
CMSE sets standards for certified, international machinery safety qualification 1,000 CMSE - Certified Machinery Safety Experts – powered by Pilz

In 2013, Pilz worked with TÜV NORD to develop the international qualification CMSE - Certified Machinery Safety Expert. This qualification program teaches extensive knowledge of the machine lifecycle in 22 countries, worldwide. In Australia, the 1,000th delegate has now obtained the qualification. That's just one of the reasons why CMSE has become an international standard for certified training in machinery safety.

With CMSE, Pilz and TÜV NORD are responding to the huge challenges presented by machinery safety: both in terms of the standards situation and from a technical point of view. The complexity involved in designing, maintaining and operating plant or machinery has risen significantly, on a worldwide scale.

In Sydney, Australia, the one thousandth delegate has now passed the end-of-course exam to become a CMSE - Certified Machinery Safety Expert. Electrical engineer Rod Burton from Machinery Automation & Robotics, a system integrator for automated robotic solutions, was proud to hold the 1000th certificate in his hands. "I was very interested in becoming a CMSE. Now I can mentor, train and guide our engineering team further with safety integration, safety system implementation and of course validation," says the expert. "CMSE is a great way to demonstrate machinery safety competence in a unique way," says Scott Moffat, Managing Director of Pilz Australia and New Zealand.

CMSE internationally certified
The qualification deals with complex technical issues, conveying the necessary information about a machine's overall lifecycle - from legislation, standards and risk assessment to the application of functional safety principles. There is also a focus on worldwide regulations for occupational health and safety. The training is particularly geared to design, project, safety and development engineers from the fields of automation technology and maintenance. It's run over four days and trains delegates to become certified, internationally recognized machinery safety experts.

CMSE fills a training gap
With this qualification Pilz and TÜV NORD are filling a training gap in mechanical or electrical engineering. The issue of work safety is usually only addressed briefly during training; in most cases engineers can only acquire the necessary knowledge through their own practical experiences.

"We tend to find the CMSE attendees typically have an engineering or maintenance background and are either End Users or Systems Integrators. Most of our attendees have come from the manufacturing, food & beverage or mining industries," says Scott Moffat.

Delegates and companies benefit
Delegates who successfully pass the exam and obtain the TÜV Nord certificate as CMSE are recognized worldwide as machinery safety experts. Delegates are not the only ones to benefit, companies do too: they are presented with technically qualified staff who can implement safety across the company. Machinery safety experts are also able to implement tailor-made safety solutions and can share their knowledge with other staff on site. Ultimately companies can be secure in the knowledge that their operation, machines or services comply with the legal specifications.

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