Leica Microsystems’ Vienna Plant Certified for DIN EN ISO 14001

June 15, 2015
Leica Mikrosysteme GmbH, Vienna, obtained the DIN EN ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management.

Leica Mikrosysteme GmbH, Vienna, obtained the DIN EN ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management. The certification refers to Leica Microsystems’ Vienna plant, home to the Electron Microscopy (EM) Sample Preparation business of the global technology company. The certification process was started last September and involved transferring the existing, local Quality Management System into an Integrated Management System as required by ISO 14001.

Mario Molitor, Quality & Environmental Manager RA/QA with Leica Microsystems, says: “At Leica Microsystems, we are dedicated to environmental protection.” As a Danaher company, Leica Microsystems follows the Danaher policy for environment, health, and safety, and adheres to or exceeds local laws and regulations. “Another motivation to apply for the certification is that ISO 14001 is often a prerequisite for tenders. The certification is visible proof for our commitment to environmental standards.”

Leica Microsystems’ EM Sample Preparation business focuses on workflow solutions for a broad range of applications in life science research as well as in materials science. Samples for EM imaging are especially delicate and therefore need to be handled with great care to ensure no damage is incurred in the preparation process. “All instruments we offer are developed to integrate seamlessly, so that the workflow runs smoothly. Our team of product managers and application experts works closely together to ensure one instrument best matches the other,” says Ian Lamswood, Marketing Director with Leica Microsystems. The most recently launched product is a system for correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM). Before observing a sample in the EM, it gives users a quick overview under the fluorescence microscope and provides deeper insights by correlating both fluorescence and electron microscope images. The system keeps samples at cryo conditions of -195° centigrade.

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