Panduit Acquires IntraVUE Network Diagnostic Software

July 29, 2015
Panduit Corp. announces it has completed the acquisition of IntraVUE by Network Vision Inc.

Panduit Corp. announces it has completed the acquisition of IntraVUE by Network Vision Inc. This acquisition increases the Panduit Industrial Automation Infrastructure offering to its customer base with a tool for visualization and diagnostics of Industrial Ethernet control networks.

Automation networks are susceptible to interruptions which often result in downtime, and lost production. While conventional tools are frequently unable to detect many types of network interruptions, IntraVUE provides the capability to identify and report information critical to improving uptime of the Industrial Ethernet infrastructure.

According to Matthew O’Sullivan, Panduit EVP of Industrial Automation Infrastructure business, “The proven capabilities of IntraVUE and the expertise of the team will provide our customers with the ability to increase the reliability of their network infrastructure and as a result, improve operational uptime.”

“The Panduit offering and route to market complements IntraVUE by combining our ability to bridge the physical installation of the infrastructure to the applications supported by the network with the world-class developer and provider of physical infrastructure solutions,” said Mark Fondl, founder, Network Vision Inc.

Deployed globally, IntraVUE is a tool trusted by industrial controls professionals to assure network uptime for manufacturing plants that use Ethernet technologies as a part of their controls and automation network. This tool provides network diagnostic capabilities in addition to real-time visualization and monitoring of the Industrial Ethernet network, helping manufacturers proactively improve the uptime of their Industrial Ethernet infrastructure.

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