Schneider Electric Software Demonstrates Success in Delivering Customer Value

Sept. 24, 2015
Schneider Electric Software showcased new innovations and capabilities at its Wonderware Customer Conference, held in this week in Dallas, Texas.

Schneider Electric Software showcased new innovations and capabilities at its Wonderware Customer Conference, held in this week in Dallas, Texas.

The highlight of the event were 11 customer-led presentations proving how innovative Wonderware software and solutions have continued to drive tangible business value across several industries.

"Our customers and partners have unequivocally shown this week how Wonderware software and solutions have delivered business value across every important technology frontier, including Internet of Things, Cloud and mobility, Big Data, model-driven and multi-site MES and even asset performance management," said Ravi Gopinath, PhD., executive vice president of Schneider Electric Software. "We’ve demonstrated a couple of things this week. First, our customers and partners can confidently invest in Wonderware. Second, we will continue to develop and deliver solutions that make our customers’ operations and assets more productive, transparent and accessible, while helping them to maximize profitability, uptime, throughput, responsiveness and enterprise collaboration. That approach isn’t going to change."

During the three-day event, Wonderware customers and solutions partners demonstrated the positive impact new Wonderware innovations have had on their industrial operations. Highlights included:

An Internet of Things presentation from Avid Solutions, who is using Wonderware System Platform as the basis for an IoT implementation. The presentation gave attendees a solid foundational understanding of core IoT concepts, providing real examples of how to integrate these concepts directly into Wonderware System Platform, using real code to extract real savings.
A presentation on Mobility and Cloud from Louisiana-Pacific, part of a continuous improvement practice. The presentation focused on Louisiana Pacific’s IT manufacturing team's use of Wonderware solutions and how they have helped the company’s operations improvement and progress over the past 15 years. The discussion emphasized how to utilize Wonderware products as part of an Information Management system, including the application of Wonderware Historian, Historian Client, QI Analyst, Intelligence and SmartGlance software.

A presentation on Model-Driven MES from Wonderware partners Callisto Integration and Crossmuller Technology. The presentation centered on the business impact model-driven MES is having on a global quality implementation for the Campbell Soup Company, who is 18 months into a global quality solution rollout, driven by a need for ongoing product quality guarantees, savings in raw material consumption and a platform for other performance and traceability initiatives. The project provides standardized statistical process control methodologies across the company’s production lines.

"I have been a Wonderware partner for 23 years, and my customers have always relied on Wonderware to help solve their most critical issues," said Robert Peters, chief executive officer of Callisto Integration, a leader in the design, development and implementation of advanced control systems, including manufacturing execution systems. "And now, Schneider Electric has stepped it up a notch. The Wonderware products coming out today are helping our customers solve the complex problems that didn’t even exist five years ago. After this week, I am more confident than ever on Schneider Electric’s ability to deliver today and into the future."

"Collectively, these testimonials demonstrate the scope and scale of our Wonderware innovations and development," said Andrew McCloskey, vice president of R&D for Schneider Electric Software. "We have been deliberately moving forward in all of these directions simultaneously to help our customers extract more value from their operations. The breadth and depth of our customers and partners’ success shows the power of Wonderware technology and our technical leadership in the industrial automation business."

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