Weidmuller Celebrates 40 Years in North America

Oct. 28, 2015
2015 marks the 40th anniversary of Weidmuller’s operations in North America that include corporate headquarters in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

2015 marks the 40th anniversary of Weidmuller’s operations in North America that include corporate headquarters in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Weidmuller’s North American headquarters, located in Richmond, Virginia commemorated their anniversary year with a 20,000 square foot expansion to their U.S. facility. The added space includes offices for the customer/technical support organization, product management and the value-added services group. It also features a new Customer Innovation Center– a training facility with high tech multi-media displays. The addition of 15,000 square feet for service and production gives Weidmuller the capacity to build customer solutions and provide value-added services to a growing customer base.

Weidmuller’s Canada location has grown over the past 40 years from just a two-person operation to the market leader in Industrial Connectivity in Canada. With over 45 direct employees and 25 field representatives, Weidmuller Canada has made it their mission to provide the very best in customer service and market coverage. This year, their growth has continued with a 30% expansion in warehouse and assembly workstation space in the National Headquarters in Markham, Ontario.

“This expansion increased Weidmuller’s footprint of office space by over a third, allowing us to grow our employee base and accommodate the heightened business growth of the North America operation,” said Bruce Hofmann, director of marketing and business development. “The investments in both facilities will enable us to deliver better service to our channel partners and customers, both today and into the future.”
To celebrate the 40th anniversary, Weidmuller company owners, management and team members gathered together for a company-wide meeting, ribbon-cutting ceremony and events in Richmond, Virginia in September and in Markham, Ontario in October. The Richmond event, held in the new Customer Innovation Center and expanded Value Added Assembly production facilities, was conducted by several Weidmuller owners, including Mr. Christian Glaesel, Owner/Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Brian Schofner, President of Weidmuller North America. Team members from Weidmuller Canada’s National Headquarters in Markham, Ontario gathered for a company lunch to celebrate their 40 years of customer service and sales excellence.

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